Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ephemera is a friend of mine.

"Scout's Honour" 2014

"Lucky Numbers" 2012 (detail)

"Holding the Rainbow" 2015

I like to collect things. Particularly things that were only really useful for a short while: these things immediately transport me back to a specific place and time. When I dip a hand into my vat of take-out chinese fortunes I am instantly returned to the kitchen of my apartment in New York. (Quite an annoying room, just sitting there wasting valuable space). I still love every font catalogue I own, the rubber stamps pilfered from hotels across Europe, the vintage bingo games, my childhood trading cards… and my boxes of rub down Letraset letters still make me downright misty. For me there is a tenderness and affection in the process of breathing new life into things that have been discarded, so although I work predominantly with oils, I always start with collage.

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  1. Gorgeous! I totally agree, letraset gets me every time too x


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